A Model Government School At Manchegowdanakoppal

Apr 12, 2022

In the days of Government Schools being closed down citing lack of students, a Government School in our city, because of its infrastructure and quality education, is being thronged by parents seeking admission for their kids and has hence become a model for other Government Schools to emulate.

The Manchegowdanakoppal Government Higher Primary School, renamed as ‘Karnataka Public School’ during the year 2019-20, has earned the reputation of a Model Government School. It has achieved so much progress in recent years that it is now in a position to offer stiff competition to the more fancied private schools.

The school was started in the year 1956 as Government Lower Primary School in a tiled roof house at Manchegowdanakoppal village, slowly attained phased progress to become a Higher Primary School mainly due to the patronage and cooperation of the villagers.

After this, students who were going all the way to Hinkal for Higher Primary education began to study the same in this upgraded school. Since then the school has made significant strides right from school building to the quality of education offered.

This school is now offering teaching in English Medium and has restricted the student admissions to 30.

Hundreds of parents who want to provide English Medium education to their children in this school are being disappointed. The school which has all the needed facilities and offering good education is also giving priority to other extra-curricular activities thereby creating a huge demand for seats.


Teachers’ efforts

It is a known fact that teachers are the real strength of a school and play an important role in shaping the destiny of the school as well as students. It is worth remembering here all the teachers who worked in this school since 1956. Apart from imparting knowledge, they worked successfully to get help from various Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) to develop the school. Local villagers, people representatives and old students have all joined hands to the overall development of the school.

Presently, LKG, UKG and up to third standard students are studying in English Medium and students from 1 to 7 are studying in Kannada Medium. In all, 406 students are studying in this school at the moment.

Health Care

LKG, UKG students are given groundnut chikkies, egg or banana or wheat kheer. Students of Kannada Medium from 1 to 7 standards are given rice bath on Saturdays and rice and vegetable sambar on other days. Food given to students are checked by teachers before being served.

Many organisations and Institutions are also helping for the overall development of the school. Infosys Foundation is distributing free note books every year. Narayanamrutha Foundation, apart from providing public address system and drinking water facility, has also arranged Veda Patana for students. Lunars Company has provided furniture and L&T has built toilets at the school. Pratham, a city-based NGO, has given free computers to students. Recently, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has provided roof to the open space in the school premises at a cost of Rs. 37 lakh. Apart from these, many organisations have also contributed for the development of the school.

With the co-operation of Manchegowdanakoppal villagers, various organisations, old students and people’s representatives, the school has all the facilities. The playground of the school is 500 meters away and it is a problem to take students there and bring them back.” —Rajaiah, Head Master, Karnataka Public School

This school with all the needed facilities has earned a good name in providing education also. Now, an atmosphere is needed where parents can seek admissions for their kids in Government Schools. —Shashikala, Member, School Development and Monitoring Committee (SDMC)

source: starofmysore