Brindavan Gardens, KRS

19 Km northwest of Mysore are the famous Brindavan gardens. They stretch below the Krishna Raja Sagar (K.R.S) Dam on the river Cauvery, and present a breathtaking harmony of water, color, light and music! The dam was built by the world famous Sir M.V.Vishweshwaraiaha. The garden is famous for its beautiful musical fountains. The first of These gardens are laid on the banks of Krishnarajasagar Dam. Spread over vast area , the terraced lawns and fountains make these gardens one of the best in South India. The swirling Fountains are illuminated on weekend and have given backdrop to many movies in recent times. The Dancing fountains called as musical fountains are a major attraction among the tourists . Located at a distance of 20 Kms northwest of Mysore. A Dam is constructed across the river Cauvery for irrigation purposes to cover the agriculture lands of Mandya District and some parts of Mysore district. The Dam was completed in 1932 and named after Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV. The dam is 2606 m long and constructed entirely in stone in surkhi mortar. On the down stream of Dam the beautiful Brindavan Garden is stretched out, with well planned and well maintained lawns, innumerable pools, fountains. At night the gardens are transformed into a kind of fairy land when the concealed lights near the flower beds and fountains are turned on and add a new dimension to the garden. There are number of buses owned by KSRTC and private buses plying regularly from Mysore City Bus stand.