Second Batch Of Five Dasara Elephants Arrives At Mysore Palace

Sep 9, 2022

Mysore/Mysuru: The second batch of five Dasara elephants, which includes three debutants, arrived at Mysore Palace from their respective elephant camps yesterday afternoon. In all, 14 elephants will be taking part in this year’s Dasara.

The five elephants which arrived are: 41-year-old Gopi, 40-year-old Srirama and 63-year-old Vijaya from Dubare Elephant Camp, 18-year-old Parthasarathy from Rampura and 40-year-old Sugreeva from Dubare. Sugreeva is replacing 36-year-old Kunthi of Rampura.

Earlier, Kunthi was chosen in place of Vikrama, who is in musth. As Kunthi is pregnant, she has been replaced by Sugreeva. While 63-year-old Arjuna and Vijaya are eldest among 14 Dasara elephants, 18-year-old Parthasarathy is the youngest.

Though the elephants were to arrive at Mysore Palace by 12.30 pm yesterday, their arrival was delayed due to heavy rains. While Parthasarathy arrived at 12.30 pm, Srirama, Sugreeva, Gopi and Vijaya arrived at 4 pm. All the five elephants were transported from their respective Elephant camps in trucks safely.

After their arrival, they were fed and were led to their respective places (elephant sheds) and tied. Their Mahouts and Kavadis were provided with kits containing daily essentials.

Source: starofmysore