Intelligent Transport System On Mysuru-Bengaluru 10-Lane Highway: Hi-Tech Touch For Commuter Safety

Jun 23, 2022

  1. 24×7 Central Command Centre with LED screens to monitor and relay real-time data
  2. To check lane discipline; Medical help to reach within minutes in case of accidents

Mysore/Mysuru: In an attempt to minimise traffic woes and enhance the safety of commuters on the Mysuru-Bengaluru 10-lane Highway, an AMR           sensor-based Intelligent Transport System (ITS) will be implemented before the Highway is thrown open to traffic.

This will enable authorities to control traffic as well as increase road discipline. Besides, it will help monitor the stretch at all times as well as mitigate         accident-like situations and reach accident spot within minutes.

Anisotropic Magneto-Resistive (AMR) sensor-based ITS will enable the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) which is building the Highway to       get real-time data on vehicle movement on the Expressway.

Speaking to Star of Mysore this morning, B.T. Sridhar, NHAI Project Director, said that the intelligent system will be implemented all along the route.        Sensors, cameras and night-vision gadgets will be placed at a 2-km interval along the Highway.

“So far, we have not implemented the system but are in the process of doing so. Funds for the system will be obtained under additional works and a        traffic control room with giant LED screens will be set up for 24×7 monitoring. Information will be relayed from the Central Command Centre or                 control room in case there are accidents so that help can be reached to the spot within minutes,” Sridhar said.

It is not possible to manually inspect every part of the Highway. Use of technology is economical and will enable the NHAI to get multi-dimensional         views on a real-time basis.

AMR sensor-based Intelligent Transport System is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) application connected with high-tech cameras, sensors as well as other      traffic violation detection systems such as lane cutting and overspeeding installed on Highways.

“This will minimise the number of accidents and will help us regulate and effectively manage the traffic. The designing of the system will be done in           such a way that it provides real-time updates to the Central Command Centre. It will also help us legally in case there are any Police investigations.           The system has been implemented in a couple of Highways in India and we will study them before implementing it here,” Sridhar added.

source: starofmysore