Chunchanakatte Falls Near K.R. Nagar Another Centre Of Attraction

Jul 12, 2022

K.R. Nagar: The Chunchanakatte Falls in K.R. Nagar Taluk is counted as one of the many gorgeous waterfalls in Karnataka as it is a place where one can see nature’s bounty in full flow. The spot is also called Dhanushkoti waterfall, located at Chunchanakatte village near K.R. Nagar.

River Cauvery, which takes birth at Talacauvery in Kodagu, reaches KRS in Mandya District from the Harangi Reservoir in Kodagu. As the water is released from Harangi, at a place called Dhanushkoti water falls from a height of more than 65 feet like milk foam to form the Chunchanakatte Falls.

Also, water flows with great force here as a private company produces electricity 300 metres away from Chunchanakatte Falls. However, while it is a splendid sight to watch water falling from the heights in full force, venturing into the water is extremely dangerous and even boats get swept away due to sheer force.

Tourists first visit Anjaneya, Kodandarama and Seetha Devi Temples on the river banks and head towards the cascading waterfall. Now, a giant statue — 31-ft — of Lord Anjaneyaswamy has been installed here.

Legend says that there is a Seetha Devi ‘madu’ (whirlpool) at Dhanushkoti. During Ramayana, Seetha Devi used to take bath in this place and one day, Lord Ram’s brother accidentally came near the place without realising that Seetha Devi is taking bath. To prevent such occurrences, legends say, Seetha Devi built a protective wall with boulders around the whirlpool.

Source: starofmysore