Apathy Mars Mysuru’s Royal Circles

May 11, 2022

Mysore/Mysuru: The three Royal Circles, namely Krishnaraja Circle (K.R. Circle), Chamaraja Circle and Jayachamaraja Circle that signify the heritage and culture of Mysuru, right in the heart of the city, have become victims of apathy.

The three Circles are like jewels adorning Mysuru city and well-etched in public memory though these landmarks have gone off the radar of their custodian, the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC).

The statues have been installed in the memory of Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar, Chamaraja Wadiyar and Jayachamaraja Wadiyar. They are located visually close to the majestic Mysore Palace and add sheen and royalty to the iconic Palace.

Though minor painting, restorations and decorations are carried out during Dasara, there is no dedicated system of repairs, thanks to the neglect of officers and elected representatives. Even the public have to take the blame as they enter the statue premises to take selfies or photos and vandalise the structure.

K.R. Circle: The ceiling plaster of K.R. Circle — at the junction of Devaraj Urs Road, Albert Victor Road, Sayyaji Rao Road and New Sayyaji Rao Road — has come off at places. If urgent repairs are not carried out, there is a danger of more ceiling parts chipping off.

It may be recalled that during the last Dasara, the ceiling plaster had chipped off and repairs were carried out. But due to patchwork-like works instead of doing comprehensive repairs, the ceiling plaster peeling off has become a regular affair. Unfortunately, no analysis is done to ascertain the real causes for the plaster to give away.

Chamaraja Wadiyar Circle: Even Chamaraja Wadiyar Circle, the first one with a statue, to the North of Mysore Palace at the junction of Ashoka Road and Albert Victor Road needs urgent repairs. The retaining wall that surrounds the statue pedestal has been damaged. Many attractive balustrades around the statue have fallen off along with the upper platforms of the balustrades.

Jayachamaraja Circle: When compared to other Circles, Jayachamaraja Circle (Hardinge Circle) was constructed five to six years ago where six roads meet. Namma Mysuru Foundation maintained it for a year or so and then when the maintenance was handed over to MCC, the neglect began.

The granite stones on the four sides of the statue pedestal have chipped off at a couple of places and the balustrades too have been damaged. The roof of Jayachamaraja Circle is leaking at four to five places and decorative bulbs are dangling by wires.

No maintenance, no security: Neither there is proper maintenance of the Circles nor there is any security. If at all the MCC has an intention of protecting the heritage Circles, it must undertake comprehensive repairs and appoint security personnel to guard them from vandals. In addition, CCTV cameras must be installed.

source: starofmysore