Biligiri Rangana Hill

This place is a religious place, which is in “Chamarajanagar District” . 90 Kms from Mysore & 230 Kms from Bangalore, the Biligirirangana range of hills are picturesquely situated between the Cauvery & Kapila rivers. At a height of 5,091 feet above sea level, this hill stretches from north to south for about 16 Kms. All round are deciduous trees. And roaming amidst the long grass and tall trees are animals. Plenty of them! So if you’re looking for a cool time with a little bit of wild excitement thrown in, welcome to B.R.Hills. Wake up to the chirping of birds & humming of bees. Breathe in fresh, clean air. Take a stroll through the sylvan surroundings. And let the cool breeze blow your cares away.

Did you know that, wild elephants in a certain place get so annoyed with white milestones that they literally deracinate them and fling them around like a Frisbee? Well if you didn’t know this, let me tell that this happens in B.R. Hills. It is for this reason that here the milestones are painted in yellow and green. Camp under a canopy of stars that shine brighter here. This is one place where you can shrug off your worries, fill your lungs with pure fresh mountain air and rejuvenate your soul. You are irresistibly drawn to the enchanting forest. This is home to many species of wild animals like Gaurs, Chitals, Sambhars, Bears, Elephants, Panthers and Tigers. Marvel at the splendor of nature. Get richer with the little nuggets that naturalists are always passing on. Climb over 150 steps or drive amidst spectacular settings to get to the Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple.