Dasara Exhibition

Dasara Exhibition is arranged in the Doddakere Maidana, by the Karnataka Exhibition Authority, where the public and private sector industries, leading business establishments, State Government departments put up their stalls to promote industrial and corporate business. Exhibitors from all over the country are invited to display their wares this year. Dasara Exhibition Celebrations wish to utilise the royal background of the Dasara festivities to boost it on a grand scale

Efforts are made to have greater variety and additional attractions in the exhibition to lure local visitors apart from domestic and foreign tourists. The authority had approached the Government to list the exhibition in the tourist itinerary. The Dasara exhibition showcases the state’s artistes and artisans, holds a food festival featuring the entire country and a range of entertaining amusements and games

Karnataka Exhibition Authority is considering long-term plans to expand the Dasara exhibition and hold it throughout the year as an added attraction for tourists. A blueprint has been made by the authority for erecting permanent stalls to make the exhibition a year-long event.