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Mysore trendz is a brain child of a person with creative mind and technology background.  It has been developed with sole intention of providing and sharing information with mysoreans.  We have tried to bring people of all walks of life under one roof which makes it a single community.  “Mysorean”, hence the names-mysoretrendz.com- the community touch.

Here we have provided information and facilities for all types of community.  For example:-

Business Directory:
For the business people and each and every one who wants to buy or sell requires this.  You can view even web broucher of the companies.

This is for the cinema goers.  They can watch which movie is available along with its posters and also a trailer can be viewed.

Mysore is a cultural city.  Here everyday many events like Drama, Music, Dance, Exhibitions, Circus, and Temple Events are conducted.  Mysore Trendz is the best way to inform people about the events.

Mysore Information:
Temple information, train timings, emergency numbers are provided.

We collect news from news papers and update it everyday.

Weather report of Mysore is shown directly from the satellite.

Wishing your beloveds:
This is for anybody who wants to wish their beloveds.  Just place a wish in our website and a link is sent to the other person with a link to the other person. They can see the wish in our website.

Choultries can place their details.  They can also inform us on their bookings, so that people can see the availability and approach them.

Jobs portal is to help both employees and employers in Mysore.

Whether you want to buy, sell or rent checkout properties for Mysore here. Many more information will be provided in the coming months of this year.
This is a portal developed for mysoreans and people who want to keep in touch with Mysore wherever they are in the world.  We can make it a “Success” only by the co-operation of “Mysoreans”. “Let’s make it”.

Mysore trendz is designed, developed and powered by Kreativepool.  Kreativepool is a pool of creative people with technical capabilities.  Our core competencies are graphical user Interface Design, Usability Design, Web Design and Development, Software Development and Flash Animation etc.,

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